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About me

I am Marie-Eve.

I graduated with honours from École d’Enseignement Supérieur de Naturopathie du Québec and have been practicing naturopathy for over 12 years.

Want to know a little secret?

Despite my knowledge and clinical experience in naturopathy and herbal medicine, I—like so many mothers—felt powerless when it came to handling my child’s anxious behavior.

When my daughter started to exhibit symptoms of anxiety, I felt overwhelmed. But I soon realized that I could help her with my therapist tools, without the need to go in therapy. Truth be told: the cause of anxiety symptoms isn't only in your head. I had all the right tools! I just needed to trust myself and think outside the box.

In part, it was thanks to my daughter that I realized a few years later that I was also an anxious person. My symptoms included difficulty sleeping, irritability, loss of appetite, and that’s on top of the racing thoughts that I just couldn’t shut down.

With my family and work responsibilities piling up, I had put some of my healthier lifestyle habits on the back burner.

I had to stop working because of a professional burnout. I needed to start taking care of myself again, which meant I needed to improve my sleep, move more and eat better. In fact, I was eating healthy food but it was not the type of food my body needed to feel good at the time. I also used medicinal herbs and mindfulness exercises as a natural way to calm my thoughts and improve my mood.

My private practice has always targeted families, particularly children. Following these events, I came to the obvious conclusion that helping people feeling stressed and anxious was what I was most passionate about.

I want to be clear that I don't provide psychological care. That’s not my area of expertise.

I address symptoms of stress and anxiety in children using medicinal herbs and natural products, therapeutic nutrition, lifestyle management and mindfulness practices.

The natural methods I offer are what I used with my daughter and with many other families. My methods are both scientifically proven… and approved by moms!
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