Herbs & Calm
Herbs & Calm

My approach

Science at nature’s service

Naturopathy comprises a variety of natural solutions, which is why each naturopath tailors their approach to reflect who they are.

My approach focuses on clinical herbalism (the therapeutic use of medicinal herbs), therapeutic nutrition (food as a therapeutic tool), healthy lifestyle habits and mindfulness techniques.

Most importantly, my naturopathic practice is rooted in science. Science feeds my soul. I love reading about microbiota, brain health, nutrition, medicinal herbs… bridging science and real life is my passion.

Too many unanswered questions

Even though we’re bombarded with information on the news, the Internet, and social media, it’s extremely difficult to find relevant and accurate information. How do we know who and what to believe? There’s no way to know.

That's where I come in; I do the work for you.

I get my information from reliable sources and make it my job to explain it to you in an accessible way so that you fully understand it, whether through my personalized support service or through the Anxiety Relief Program For Kids. Last but not least, I help you and your child integrate this new knowledge into your lives in a simple, meaningful way.

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The personalized support and the program I propose do not replace medical care or counseling. This approach will not eradicate your child’s anxiety (it’s impossible!) but will help them cope better with anxiety in a natural, non-invasive way. If your child’s anxiety significantly interferes with their daily activity, I invite you to seek medical advice.